Ordinance 5.05
Power and Duties of Fire Chief (R83.1.2)




1.               The chief shall have the general supervision of the department, which supervision shall be subject to and not conflict with this ordinance and the bylaws of the department.  He shall be responsible for the safety of the members of the department.

2.               It shall be the duty of the chief or an officer appointed by the chief, to preside at all meetings of the department, to call special meetings, to preserve order, to decide all points of order that may arise, and to enforce a rigid observance of this ordinance and the bylaws.

3.               It shall be the duty of the chief, or officer appointed by the chief, to be present at all fires and to have complete command and entire responsibility of all fire fighting operations, to plan the control of the same, to direct the action of the companies when they arrive at a fire, to observe that every company does its duty, to grant leaves of absence at a fire when he may deem it proper, and to see that the fire apparatus is kept in proper condition at all times.

4.               The chief shall at least once a month see that suitable drills or instruction in the operation and handling of equipment, first aid and rescue work, salvage, a study of buildings in the Village of Park Ridge, fire prevention, water supplies, and all other matters generally considered essential to good firemanship and safety of life and property from fire.

5.               The chief shall have the power to demote or expel any officer or member of the department for neglect or refusal to perform his departmental duties subject to an appeal to the Village Board.  The bylaws may also provide expulsion for failure to participate in departmental activities.

6.               It shall be the duty of the chief  to  submit  a written report to the Village Board not later than  February  first  of each year, and at such other times as he deems desirable, relating to the conditions of the various pieces of apparatus and appurtenances, the number of fires occurring since the previous report, and the date of same and loss occasioned thereby; the number of members in each company and the total number of active members in the department, and resignations and expulsions from department.  He shall also report upon the drill and training program of the department, together with other pertinent information, including recommendations of such improvements as he deems proper and necessary for the operation of the department.

7.               He shall enforce all fire prevention ordinances of this village and state laws and regulations pertaining to fire prevention, and shall keep citizens informed on fire prevention methods, and on the activities of the fire department.

8.               He shall, keep a fire record book of every fire to which any company was called and shall enter in such book the locality of fire, time alarm was received, cause of fire, where fire started, cause of delay (if any) in responding, amount of insurance carried on building and contents, estimated fire loss, time fire was extinguished, names of men responding and general remarks.

9.               He shall keep an inventory of all apparatus and equipment, and an inventory of all hose showing dates and results of tests on each length, which shall be individually numbered.

10.            The fire chief shall have those duties and powers set out in the Village of Park Ridge ordinance relating to fire prevention.

11.            He shall perform such other duties as are usually incumbent on the commanding officer of the fire department.


This ordinance shall take effect upon passage and publication as provided by law.

Passed and adopted by the Village Board of  the Village of Park Ridge on this first day of  January, 1996.