Ordinance 5.01
Composition of Fire Department (R83.1.2)



A department to be hereafter known as the FIRE DEPARTMENT, the object of which shall be the prevention of fire and the protection of life and property within the limits of the Village of Park Ridge, Wisconsin is hereby created as follows:


1.                The organization and internal regulation of the FIRE DEPARTMENT shall be governed by the provisions of this ordinance and by such bylaws adopted by the department as are approved by the Village Board except as is otherwise provided by law and ordinance.

2.               The Park Ridge FIRE DEPARTMENT is hereby authorized and directed to adopt bylaws for the control, management and government and for regulating the business and proceedings of the department, which bylaws shall not become effective and operative until presented to and approved by the Village Board.  Amendments shall be adopted in the same manner.

3.               The Village Board shall appropriate funds to provide for operation, and for such apparatus and equipment for the use of the fire department, as it may deem expedient and necessary to maintain efficiency and properly protect life and property from fire.

4.               The officers and members of the fire department shall receive such compensation from the Village as may from time to time be fixed by the Village Board.


1.               The fire department shall consist of the following officers:  one chief and other officers as the chief may deem necessary for the effective operation of the department, together with one master mechanic and as many drivers and firemen as may be appointed by the chief, provided that at no time shall the department consist of more than 22 active members.  Exceptions may be allowed by the Fire Chief.

2.               Active membership in the department for members other than the chief shall cease at the age of fifty-five years unless the chief shall approve of the person's continuing as an active member.  In all other cases, upon reaching the age of fifty-five, active members shall become honorary members and be assigned to lighter duties.

3.               Application and Resignation of Members

A.             Any person desiring to be a member of the fire department may file with the chief an application in such form as may be required.  The applicant shall be approved by the chief for confirmation.

B.              Resignations from the department shall be directed to and accepted by the chief.


4.               Appointment of Chief

A.             A vacancy in the office of chief shall be filled by appointment by a majority vote of the Village Board.

B.              The chief shall immediately assume office and shall hold such position at the will of the Village Board.  All members of the department similarly serve on an “at-will” basis, notwithstanding any appointment by the Fire Chief.

C.              The assistant chiefs and other officers shall be appointed by the chief from members of the department.

5.               The department shall organize into one, or at the option of the chief, into two or more companies, each of which shall be under the supervision of an officer appointed by the chief.  The chief may at any time make transfers between companies which he deems necessary.

6.               The appointment of a secretary-treasurer and such social officers as the bylaws may require shall be made by the chief as provided in the bylaws.  In case of any vacancy the chief shall appoint a member in good standing to fill the office.

7.               Each member of the department shall be issued a badge or other suitable means of identification.


This ordinance shall take effect upon passage and posting as provided by law.

Passed and adopted by the Village Board of the Village of Park Ridge on this twenty second day of March, 2005.