Ordinance 2.06
Rules of Order (R46.8.2)


An ordinance establishing the standing rules of Board meetings of the Village of Park Ridge.



1.               Presiding officer.  The President shall preside at all meetings when present. In his absence the board may select another trustee to preside.

2.               Appointment of Committees.  The presiding officer shall appoint all committees.

3.               Method of Voting.  Voting shall be as follows: When a motion is made and seconded, it shall be stated by the member making the same, or by the president, or be read by the clerk before being debated. If any member require it, any motion (except to adjourn, postpone or commit shall be reduced to writing. On all questions it shall be in order to call for a division or for the ayes and noes, if such demand is made previously to the decision of the president. Every member, when a question is put, shall vote, unless the board shall, for special cause, excuse him. A majority vote in favor of any proposed ordinance or resolution shall be necessary to make the same effective as an ordinance or resolution.

4.               General Rules of Order.  The deliberation of this board while in session shall be Governed by the manual of parliamentary practice commonly known as "Robert's Rules of Order," except as limited or modified by these by-laws. No business shall be considered by the board unless presented by, a member of the board. Every paper or writing that shall come before the board for action thereon shall be referred to the appropriate village officer by the president without motion, unless objected to by some member.

5.               Suspension of the Rules.  These rules may be suspended by a majority of the members present at any meeting until the adjournment of the meeting at which such suspension occurs or until the Board revokes the suspension.

6.               Ordinances.  All ordinances and by-laws passed by the board of Trustees shall be signed by the president and countersigned by the clerk, and shall, before taking effect, be published for one week in some newspaper having general circulation in building or in lieu thereof copies shall be posted in at least three public places in said village for at least one week before the same shall take effect. Proof of such publication by the affidavit of the printer in the office of such newspaper or of such posting shall be attached and filed with each such ordinance or by-law and noted on the record thereof and shall be prima facia evidence.


This ordinance shall take effect upon passage and publication as provided by law.

Passed and adopted by the Village Board of  the Village of Park Ridge on this first day of  January, 1996.