Ordinance 10.05

Public Nuisances Affecting Peace and Safety (R68.10) 



The following acts, omissions, places, conditions and things are hereby declared to be public nuisances affecting peace and safety, but such enumeration shall not be construed to exclude other nuisances affecting public peace or safety coming within the provisions of Ordinance 10.02.

1.            Signs, Billboards, Etc.  All signs and billboards, awnings and other similar structures over or near streets,, sidewalks, public grounds or places frequented by the public, so situated or constructed as to endanger the public safety.

2.            Illegal Buildings.  All buildings erected, repaired or altered within the fire limits of the Village of Park Ridge in violation of the provisions of the ordinances of the Village, relating to materials and manner of construction of buildings and structures within said district.

3.            Unauthorized Traffic Signs.  All unauthorized signs, signals, markings or devices placed or maintained upon or in view of any public highway which purport to be or may be mistaken as an-official traffic control device, sign or signal or which because of its color, location, brilliance or manner of operation interferes with the effectiveness of any such device, sign or signal.

4.            Obstruction of Intersections.  All trees, hedges, billboards or other obstructions which prevent persons driving vehicles on public streets, alleys or highways from obtaining a clear view of traffic when approaching a street corner or pedestrian crosswalk.

5.            Tree Limbs.  All limbs of trees which project over and less than 14 feet above the surface of a public sidewalk or street or less than 10 feet above any other public place.

6.            Fireworks.  All use or display of fireworks except as provided by the laws of the State of Wisconsin and ordinances of the Village.

7.            Dilapidated Buildings.  All buildings or structures so old, dilapidated or out of repair as to be dangerous, unsafe, insanitary or otherwise unfit for human use.

8.            Wires and Cables over Streets.  All wires over streets, alleys or public grounds-which are strung less than 19 feet above the surface thereof.

9.            Noise.  All loud, discordant and unnecessary noises or vibrations of any kind.

10.         Noisy Animals or Fowl.  The keeping or harboring of any animal or fowl which by frequent or habitual howling, yelping, barking, crowing or making of other noises shall greatly annoy or disturb a neighborhood or any considerable number of persons with the Village.

11.         Obstructions of Streets:  Excavations.  All obstructions of streets, alleys, sidewalks or crosswalks and all excavations in or under the same, except as permitted by the ordinances of the Village or which, although made in accordance with such ordinances, are kept or maintained for an unreasonable or illegal length of time after the purpose thereof has been accomplished.

12.         Open Pits, Basements, Etc.  All open and unguarded pits, wells, excavations or unused basements freely accessible from any public street, alley or sidewalk.

13.         Abandoned Refrigerators or Iceboxes.  All abandoned refrigerators or iceboxes from which the doors and other covers have not been removed or which are not equipped with a device for opening from the inside.

14.         Unlawful Assembly.  Any unauthorized or unlawful use of property abutting m a public street, alley or sidewalk or of a public street, alley or sidewalk which causes large crowds of people to gather, obstructing traffic and free use of the streets or sidewalks.

15.         Flammable Liquids Violations.  Repeated or continuous violations of the ordinances of the Village or laws of the State of Wisconsin relating to the storage of flammable liquids.

16.         Snow and Ice Removal.  All snow and ice on sidewalks not removed or sprinkled with ashes, sawdust or sand.

17.         Junk.  Rubbish, refuse, combustible waste such as paper, cardboard, boxes; solid waste such as plastic containers, tin cans, broken glass or crockery; appliances, lumber, scrap metal; putrescible materials, such as garbage, ashes, dead animals, animal or vegetable waste, yard clippings, furniture designed for interior use which is exposed to the weather for longer than 24 hours in such a manner that may be unsightly to, incompatible with, or repugnant to the residential or commercial neighborhood or may cause infestation of vermin or rodents at that location.


This ordinance shall take effect upon passage and publication as provided by law.

Passed and adopted by the Village Board of the Village of Park Ridge on this sixteenth day of September, 2013.