Monday, December 14, 2015

5:30 p.m. – Village Hall – 24 Crestwood Drive


President Kathy Budelier called the regular meeting of the Park Ridge Village Board to order at 5:30 p.m.  Trustees Jim LaMar, Patricia Baker, Bob Gifford and Gordon Renfert were present.  Also attending were Ruth Duda (40 Crestwood), Tom Gloudemans (302 Greenbriar), Dan Holloway (509 Linwood), Village Zoning Administrator J.D. Manville, Fire Chief Brian Lepper and firefighter Chris Villarreal.


Agenda – LaMar moved to approve the December agenda.  Seconded by Renfert.  Carried with no negative votes.


November Minutes – Baker moved to approve the November minutes.  Seconded by Gifford.  Baker moved to add “The Clerk was instructed to obtain a certificate of insurance from Affordable Tree Service.” as the second sentence in Street Update.  Seconded by LaMar. Motion carried with no negative votes.  LaMar moved to approve the minutes as amended.  Seconded by Baker.  Carried with no negative votes.


Acceptance of November Treasurer’s Report – Baker moved to accept the November Treasurer’s Report.  Seconded by LaMar.  Carried with no negative votes.


Street Update – No plowing has yet taken place this winter.  Tom Gloudemans provided Ted Erdmann from T&C Services with a “tour” of Village streets and snowplowing needs.  Bushman has been contacted about the street light at Linwood/Oakcrest.  The Clerk reported that Bushman removed the street light fixture from the disconnected light on Green Avenue and placed it at Greenbriar/Hillcrest in place of the vandalized fixture.  The light seems dim, as it did when it was on Green Avenue.  The Clerk was asked to contact WPS and see if a new lamp will make a difference.  Gifford offered to research cost savings related to replacing street lights with LED lamps/fixtures.


Quarterly Discussion – Village Building Inspector – No permits were issued during 4th quarter 2015.  No action taken.


Quarterly Discussion – Village Zoning Administrator – Manville asked for feedback regarding his report format.  Board members were complimentary of the format and did not suggest any changes.  Manville reported on the two contacts made this quarter.  The Board thanked Manville for his work.


Discussion and possible action on fire department timeline – Baker moved to change the date for the public hearing to the first week of February.  Seconded by LaMar.  Budelier noted that new conversations were taking place regarding a possible bay expansion that would reduce costs associated with finding replacement trucks that would fit in the bays, and regarding possible changes to the order of equipment replacement.  Because of these conversations, it was agreed that more time should be taken to research information for the public hearing.  Motion carried with no negative votes.


Update on Village’s responsibilities related to WDNR CMOM Program – Gifford reported on a meeting he attended regarding Village responsibilities for the new CMOM program.  Progress towards completion is required by August 2016.  Research needs to be done on where the City’s responsibilities leave off and the Village’s begin.  Gifford will contact Rob Molski at the City to determine next steps.


Discussion and possible action on hiring new clerk/treasurer and transition plans – Budelier reported that Tonya Manning had accepted the position of clerk/treasurer, contingent on Board approval.  Baker moved to hire Tonya Manning, effective January 1, 2016, with an annual salary of $20,500.  Seconded by LaMar.  Carried with no negative votes.


Discussion and possible action on Village Hall improvements to accommodate clerk/treasurer office – Budelier presented options for furnishing office space.  Furnishings will be provided at no charge by the vendor, but the vendor will charge labor to install the furnishings before January 10, 2016 and to provide/install window treatments. 


Baker left the meeting.


LaMar moved to approve an amount not to exceed $500 for expenses related to the new clerk office.  Seconded by Renfert.  Carried with no negative votes.  Chief Lepper noted that it would be desirable to secure the doorway into the fire department area.


Appointment of 2016-2017 election board – LaMar moved to approve the nominees to the 2016-17 election board as presented by Budelier and included in board packets.  Seconded by Gifford.  Carried with no negative votes.


Approval of December bills – LaMar moved to approve the December bills.  Seconded by Gifford.  Carried with no negative votes.


The caucus will be held at 5:30 p.m. on January 18, 2016 immediately preceding the regular meeting. 


Gifford moved to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by LaMar.  Carried with no negative votes.  Meeting adjourned at 6:19 p.m.