Monday, May 20, 2014

Village Hall


Gloudemans called the regular meeting of the Park Ridge Village Board to order at 5:33 p.m.  Trustees Kathy Budelier, Trish Baker, Jim LaMar and Gordon Renfert were present.  Also present were J.D. Manville (411 Linwood Avenue), and Jim and Krista Mendyke (5538 Claret Ct., Stevens Point).


Agenda LaMar moved to amend the agenda by placing Item #10 after the approval of the April minutes.  Seconded by Budelier.  Carried with no negative votes.  Motion to approve as amended carried with no negative votes.


April Minutes Budelier moved to approve the April minutes.  Seconded by Renfert.  Carried with no negative votes.


Discussion and possible action on distressed property within Village – LaMar summarized trustee interactions with the renter at 411 Linwood regarding tree removal and grinding of 2-year-old stump and new stumps.  LaMar moved that if all tree debris is not removed and stumps ground within 30 days (by June 19, 2014), the Village will hire a contractor to complete the work and charge the property owner.  Seconded by Baker.  Carried with no negative votes.  The property owners requested a meeting with Village officials on June 12 to review the condition of the property.  The renter agreed to remove a metal shed within 30 days, as there are currently one more than the allowed number of accessory buildings on the property.


Acceptance of April Treasurer’s Report – The Clerk reported that the County has been paid for dog licenses, ‘grease’ letters have been mailed, the Parks pledge was hand-delivered to Tom Schrader’s office, 2012 chargebacks have been received, all delinquent 2013 personal property taxes have been collected, and the LWMMI paid a dividend of $918.  Budelier moved to accept the April Treasurer’s Report.  Seconded by LaMar.  Motion to accept carried with no negative votes.   


Presentation by trustee and fire chief on Portage County EMS Summit – Baker provided a brief summary of the portion of the meeting that she was able to attend.  EMS contracts are to be renewed in 2015 and the goal of this meeting was to generate ideas on how best to continue providing this service in Portage County.  Concerns involve response times and funding (tax levies, grants).  Some communities are closer to services in other counties.  EMS funds provide substantial support for the Stevens Point Fire Department.  Discussions will continue.


Discussion and possible action on process for placing referendum on the ballot – Gloudemans provided suggestions on what should be considered when formulating a referendum.  He provided information applicable to both a recurring (operational) referendum for additional fire department personnel and operational expenses and a non-recurring (capital) referendum for a hosewagon and turnout gear.  There was general consensus that existing reserves are at a desirable level and should not be depleted to pay for capital expenses, and that seeking resident support via a referendum would be desirable.  No action taken.


Budelier left the meeting.


Discussion and possible action on approval of liquor license renewal applications – LaMar moved to renew the liquor licenses for Airport Bar, Silver Coach, Bottle Stop, and The Store.  Seconded by Renfert.  Carried with no negative votes. 


Discussion and possible action on operator’s license applications – LaMar moved to approve the operator’s license applications of Golla, Martin and Marx.  Seconded by Baker.  Carried with no negative votes. 


Discussion and possible action on delinquent personal property taxes – The Clerk reported that all delinquent personal property taxes had been collected.  No action taken.


Discussion and possible action related to potential impact of City of Stevens Point municipal court – LaMar noted that Stevens Point police officers are deputized for law enforcement in Park Ridge; City officers will issue tickets for the County if a violation occurs within Park Ridge, and City officers will issue tickets for the City if the violation occurred in the City and the offender is stopped in Park Ridge.  Baker added that due to administrative costs, City tickets will be less costly than County tickets.  No action taken.


Street Update – Gloudemans will bring a proposal to the June board meeting for chip sealing.  Water retention was discussed at 403/411 Linwood – with development at 403 Linwood, rainwater now travels further south on Linwood, seeking lower ground.  Possible solutions were discussed; no action taken.


Village Hall Update – LaMar will order mulch to be delivered for the landscaping.


LaMar left the meeting.


Approval of May bills – Renfert moved to approve the bills.  Seconded by Baker.  Carried with no negative votes.


The next regular Board meeting will be on June 16, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. 


There being no further business before the board, the meeting adjourned at 7:19 p.m.