Monday, March 25, 2013

Village Hall


President Tom Gloudemans called the regular meeting of the Park Ridge Village Board to order at 5:32 p.m.  Trustees Gordon Renfert, Jim LaMar, Trish Baker and Kathy Budelier were present. 


Agenda – Budelier moved to approve the agenda.  Seconded by Baker.  Carried with no negative votes.


February Minutes – Renfert moved to approve the February minutes.  Seconded by LaMar.  Carried with no negative votes.


Acceptance of February Treasurer’s Report – LaMar moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Seconded by Budelier.  The Clerk reported that she had filed the DOA’s annual housing report; the worker’s compensation refund had been received; she had begun collecting delinquent personal property taxes; she was beginning the process to collect delinquent dog license fees (roughly 50% of the dogs in the Village were currently unlicensed); she had cancelled DSL service with AT&T; she and the Fire Chief had completed the annual self-certifications for fire dues, and, the Village was recently notified that the LGPIF premium will increase an estimated 20% this year (exceeding the budgeted amount by ~$50).  Motion carried with no negative votes.


Street Update – Gloudemans noted that he had asked the snowplow driver to push the snowbanks further off the streets.  The Clerk asked for names of additional companies that plow streets, as a request for proposals for snow plowing services would be going out late this summer.


Quarterly discussion – Village Building Inspector – There was no report, as no permits were issued.  


Acceptance of February Primary Election Report – Budelier moved to accept the election report.  Seconded by LaMar.  Carried with no negative votes.


Update on efforts to revive Neighborhood Watch program – Baker reported that more than 100 residents have expressed interest in a watch program.  The next meeting will be with block captains and law enforcement, tentatively scheduled for April 10 at the Village Hall.


Update and possible action on distressed property in Village – Baker reported that she has not yet drafted the special warrant, but plans to do so soon.


Discussion and possible action on operator’s license applications – LaMar moved to approve the applications of Patrizi and Anthony, and to approve the application of Schwenn pending his completion of a responsible beverage server training course.  Seconded by Baker.  Carried with no negative votes.


Discussion and possible action on Zoning Administrator position – Baker moved to accept the resignation of Laszewski.  Seconded by LaMar.  Gloudemans noted that the vacancy was mentioned in the Spring newsletter in hopes that someone might call and express interest in the position.  Carried with no negative votes.


Discussion and possible action on generator maintenance proposal – Gloudemans expressed reservations regarding the cost of the maintenance agreement.  Further discussion was postponed until the Fire Chief could be consulted regarding options for maintaining/servicing the generator.


Sewer Update – No report.


Odessa Court Update – No report.


Village Hall Update – Baker moved to approve the annual service agreement with Badger Heating and Cooling for the two furnaces, at a cost of $185.  Seconded by Renfert.  Carried with no negative votes.  The Clerk was instructed to write a letter to the Fire Chief, asking him to respond to the custodian’s March 16 email regarding the condition of the Village Hall following a firefighter meeting and asking him to provide the names of firefighters no longer rostered so that their door codes may be disabled.  Renfert will look into the possibility of videotaping the contents of the Village Hall for insurance purposes.


Approval of March bills – LaMar moved to approve the bills.  Seconded by Budelier.  Carried with no negative votes.


The next regular Board meeting will be on April 22, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. at the Village Hall.


With no further business before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.