Monday, January 16, 2012

24 Crestwood Drive – Village Hall

5:30 p.m.


President Tom Gloudemans called the regular meeting of the Park Ridge Village Board to order at 5:35 p.m.  Trustees Elmer Fournier, Kathy Budelier, and Gordon Renfert were present.  Trustee Jim LaMar was excused.  Also present were County Board Supervisor Jim Krems and Village Fire Chief Peter Jirous.


January agenda Budelier moved to approve the agenda.  Seconded by Renfert.  Carried with no negative votes.


December minutes Fournier moved to approve the December minutes.  Seconded by Renfert.  Carried with no negative votes.


Street Update – The reflectors purchased for the turn at the south end of Greenbriar will be installed when the weather warms up.  The Clerk reported that the new plow driver, Ryan, should now be familiar with the streets and alleys that are plowed.


Presentation from County Board Supervisor – Krems summarized the borders of the new supervisory district, which will include all of Park Ridge and parts of Hull and Stevens Point.  Krems will run for supervisor of the new District 10.  Krems noted that there is a good candidate for Highway Commissioner, and a new staff member has been hired in the IT department to replace Craig Flagel.  There has been a 14% drop in revenues at CWA, which is similar to that experienced at other comparable airports.  Krems offered assurances that CWA expenses will never go on the tax rolls, and he remains in favor of remodeling CWA as long as federal funds cover 80% of the costs.  Krems opposes selling the Material Recovery Facility, and Gloudemans restated for the record that the Village is also opposed to the sale.  Renfert asked if recent job losses in central Wisconsin will affect CWA.  Krems replied that it is possible; however, businesses remain committed to using CWA for travel.  Gloudemans thanked Krems for his time.


Acceptance of Fire Chief’s Quarterly Report – Renfert moved to accept the Fire Chief’s Quarterly Report.  Seconded by Budelier.  Gloudemans complimented Chief Jirous on his handling of the 2011 fire department budget.  Jirous commented that the firefighters like the new SCBA, and he noted that the new attendance policy is in the process of implementation.  Motion to accept carried with no negative votes.


Discussion and possible action on operator’s license application – Budelier moved to approve the operator’s license application of Adam Burman.  Seconded by Renfert.  Carried with no negative votes.


Acceptance of December Treasurer’s Report Renfert moved to accept the December Treasurer’s Report.  Seconded by Budelier.  The Clerk reported that Chief Jirous had sold some of the old SCBA and equipment, and that the Town of Stockton sent $100 in appreciation of the Village’s contributions during MABAS calls.  The Clerk clarified for the Board that the Village finished 2011 ‘in the black’, with almost $6,000 in revenues going into undesignated reserves.  She also noted that the $1,000 drop in recycling grant money received in 2011 will continue in 2012.  In cost savings, the Clerk noted that by having the Izaak Walton League take our Christmas trees, the Village saved $175, and that by paying Peter Jirous to do the Diggers Hotline locates the Village saved more than $4,000 last year.  There will not be a February primary election this year, which will help the Village offset some of the costs related to the 2012 recall elections.  Training and preparing for the 2012 elections is ongoing.  A worker’s compensation claim ‘first report’ was filed in December for the crossing guard, who injured her shoulder while working.  Fournier said the Village Board should consider a referendum this fall to ask residents for approval to exceed the levy limit, given the new state laws that do not allow levy increases to keep pace with rising fixed costs.  Gloudemans commented that even though a $65-75,000 undesignated reserve is desirable, the stated purpose for a referendum cannot be to build up reserves, so more study is needed to determine the feasibility and appropriateness of a referendum.  Motion carried with no negative votes. 


Acceptance of Year End Report – Budelier moved to accept the Year End Report.  Seconded by Renfert.  Carried with no negative votes. 


Acceptance of Annual Payroll Summary Report – Fournier moved to accept the Annual Payroll Summary Report.  Seconded by Budelier.  Carried with no negative votes. 


Acceptance of Recycling Actual Cost Report – Budelier moved to accept the Recycling Actual Cost Report.  Seconded by Renfert.  Carried with no negative votes. 


Update on actions taken regarding The Store’s liquor license – The Clerk reported that the Village’s attorney advised her that a date has been set in Circuit Court for the Schierls to plead guilty or not guilty, but first she will have to appear before a judge to sign a complaint.  Renfert asked if the other business which failed the underage compliance check in October has received adequate notice from the Village as to how another failed check could impact their business.  The Clerk confirmed that a letter had been sent and that the store manager/agent understood the seriousness of the failed compliance check.


Update on Village Hall improvements – The floor tile project is progressing, and the old televisions have been recycled. 


Odessa Court update – No report.


Approval of January bills – Renfert moved to approve the January bills.  Seconded by Budelier.  Carried with no negative votes. 


Set date for next regular meeting – The next regular board meeting will be convened on Monday, February 20, 2012.


Fournier moved to adjourn the meeting.  Seconded by Renfert.  Carried with no negative votes.  The meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m.