Monday, May 21, 2018

Village Hall, 24 Crestwood Drive

5:30 PM




1.     Convene in open session


2.     Approval of May agenda


3.     Approval of April Board minutes & May Special Board minutes


4.     Acceptance of  April Treasurer’s Report


5.     Discussion and possible action on President/Trustees for the Village Board


6.     Discussion and possible action on members for the Zoning Committee, Zoning Appeal Committee and Comprehensive Planning Committee


7.     Discussion and possible approval of Rowe Builder’s Agreement & Covenant

a.)  Approve Rowe sign (4 x 8) – sign will remain until last unit is sold 

b.)  Summer 2018 – Road, sewer and water will be done

c.)  Fall 2018 – The 1st duplex will be built

d.)  Amendment to Ordinance 8.12 – add Angelo Court to Street Names

d.)  Assign Street numbers (urgent due to 2020 census)


8.     Update & discussion regarding the building project on Wilshire Blvd

a.)   Street number 1123 (Wilshire Blvd) was assigned


9.     Discussion and possible action on approval of liquor & cigarette license renewal applications


10.  Discussion and possible action on operator’s license applications


11.  Discussion and possible action on Fire Department


12.   Discussion and possible action regarding use of a gun at 30 Ferndale


  1. Update, discussion and possible action on  Village Topics

a.)   Light pole accident

d.)    LUCA training-2020 Census

e.)   Fax phone line

f.)    Board of Review meeting


14.  Approval of  April/May bills


15.  Set date for next regular meeting


16.  The Board may consider a motion to go into closed session pursuant to Wisconsin                       Statutes sect. 19.85 (1)(c) considering employment, promotion, compensation or             performance evaluation data of any public employee over which the governmental body    has jurisdiction or exercises responsibility to wit: Village Clerk/Treasurer (1 year review)            and Fire Chief (communication with the media)


17. The Board will reconvene in open session immediately following the closed session and      take action, if any, on matters discussed in closed session


18. Adjournment


Requests from persons with disabilities who need assistance to participate in this meeting should be made to the Clerk’s Office at 715-343-1590 with as much advance notice as possible.


Posted:   Wednesday, May 16, 2018