Monday, March 19, 2018

Village Hall, 24 Crestwood Drive

5:30 PM



1.     Convene in open session/Roll call

            (County Executive Candidates will speak)


2.     Approval of March agenda


3.     Approval of January/February Minutes

a.      Public Meeting 1/29/18

b.      Board Meeting 2/19/18

c.      Special Meeting 2/26/18


4.     Acceptance of  February Treasurer’s Report


5.     Acceptance of February Primary Election Results


6.     Discussion and possible action on the Fire Protection Advisory Referendum results.


7.     Action on Acknowledgement of Captain Ron Slicer’s Retirement


8.     Discussion and possible action on street sweeping proposals


9.     Discussion and possible action on Rowe Development – Next steps/requirements


10.  Discussion and possible action on resurfacing project on Linwood Avenue


11.   Discussion and possible action on BOR training


12.  Discussion and possible action on pruning trees that are a possible hazard for street lights


13.  Village Hall Update

a)      2017 Storm paperwork

b)     Rummage Sale Date = 5/12/18

c)      Form C – Accounting Workshop

d)     Delinquent Personal Property Tax letters mailed

e)      Fire Dues Self Certification Done

f)      Liquor License Applications for 2018/2019 mailed

g)     2017 Portage County Well Water Quality Report


17. Approval of February/March bills


18. Set date for next regular meeting


19. Adjourn


Requests from persons with disabilities who need assistance to participate in this meeting should be made to the Clerk’s Office at 715-343-1590 with as much advance notice as possible.

Posted:  Thursday, March 15, 2018