Monday, June 16, 2014

Village Hall, 24 Crestwood Drive

5:30 PM




1.     Approval of June agenda


2.     Approval of May minutes


3.     Approval of May Board of Review minutes


4.     Acceptance of May Treasurer’s Report


5.     Presentation from Portage County Supervisor


6.     Discussion and possible action on operator’s license applications


7.     Quarterly discussion – Village Zoning Administrator


8.     Quarterly discussion – Village Building Inspector


9.     Discussion and possible action on Move to Amend petition for direct legislation


10.  Discussion and possible action on Resolution 001.2014R regarding sanitary sewer 2013 Compliance Maintenance Annual Report


11.  Discussion and possible action on proposals for chip sealing and patching streets


12.  Street update


13.  Village Hall update


14.  Approval of June bills


15.  Set date for next regular meeting


16.  Adjournment




Requests from persons with disabilities who need assistance to participate in this meeting should be made to the Clerk’s Office at 715-343-1590 with as much advance notice as possible.